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Rock Climbing Wall

RockUp's Mobile Rock Climbing Wall is the biggest and first in Victoria, a unique experience for the whole family. Climbing walls are a creative and innovative attraction, they are a ideal learning tool, that is both challenging and fun, offering a realistic ghostgum, waterfall sculpture and rocks to climb Rockup's climbing wall is a major attraction at any event.

Getting to the top and ringing the bell lets everyone know you made it. When you want to come down just sit back and let the descender lower you down in safety, providing a perceived element of risk. Adults and children enjoy a controlled safe environment to experience the feeling of rock climbing.

Everyone will want to climb again and again.

Features of our Rock Climbing wall:

-  Takes up to five climbers at one time.
-  Has five different climbs
-  Has almost 60 square metres of climbing surface.                           
-  Is 8 metres high.

Climbers of all ages can enjoy the experience.

Very popular and a standout attraction.

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Ride Dimensions & Requirements




2 to 3 Fun Crew Depending on the size of the event



Not Required

Dimensions Set Up

A minimum height clearance of 8.5 metres10m W x 22m L (or 16m without vehicle) x 8.5m H


Caters for 5 five climbers at one time Flat level ground with oversize trailer access Trailer 2.5m wide x 10m long





"What a great idea something for the whole family"  Scott C - Aspendale

"The best ride at the show"  Salty - Whittelsea

If you're looking for the fun factor and want to make your event different get a quote now online, or contact us for more information.