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Chair O Plane

A variation on the carousel, the Chair O Plane (or swing ride) is a great entertainment addition for Festivals, Parties, Fetes or any Event you can imagine. Chair O Planes have been around forever.

Jump in the chair and swing around in circles - now who doesn't think that's fun?

This ride handles small to large crowds and is always popular.

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Ride Dimensions & Requirements


4 to 12


1 Team Member


240 Volt 10 Amp


10m W x 10m L X 4.2m H


Flat Level Ground with trailer access and a overhead clearance of not less than 4.2m


Up to 240 P/H



"That was fun"  Rebecca R - Doncaster East

"Why do my kids love going around in circles?"  Karen S - Belgrave

"Can we book it for next year?"  Jenny H - Footscray

If you're looking for the fun factor and want to make your event different get a quote now online, or contact us for more information.